Navigating Man’s Freedom

Men who have experienced abuse – as children or adults, physical, emotional, or sexual – often continue to carry the weight of that trauma for all of their lives. The hurt that has been inflicted becomes a limitation to living the life they desire.

We want to invite all men to end that cycle.

Hurt to Healing is an international collaborative effort based on shared passion for the healing of Men. We provide a compassionate and systemized approach to healing the lasting wounds that a Man has concealed after abuse and assault.

This is not a clinical delivery of current mental health guidelines or protocols, but a proven step-by-step delivery of tools that survivors can use for the rest of their lives.

Having endured the pain of childhood abuse and feeling a need to release the weight of the past, Mat and Jasmin believe they have an obligation to share their methods of healing. Previously feeling the isolation and despair associated with such traumatic events neither are strangers to the experiences of secretive shame and guilt that are so prevalent for men who have been through these experiences. As survivors, and experienced coaches and healers, they are able to be confident and caring guides for men on their journey to being free of shame, guilt, and suffering.

Mat and Jasmin contribute a perfect blend of their studies and own healing modalities. Mat’s 12 year path of studying Buddhist Philosophies brings a deeply enriching method of understanding the inner journey on a spiritual and emotional level. Jasmin brings her extensive experience neuroscience and behavioural science and her innate ability as a storyteller, which enriches the participant journey through retelling and realigning with past hurts.

They each bring their vast experience of mapping physical energy to the mental and spiritual, through the connection with mind, body and spirit that forms an integral part of release and healing.


The workshop framework will include

  • Group and 1:1 participant experience.
  • An educational journey to being able to share and reframe stories to remove the shame and guilt of past hurts.
  • A guided inner transformational journey that brings lasting change to participants through understanding the core philosophies of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and mindfulness.
  • Post Workshop support through online group participation experience


Jasmin and Mat share dedication, direction and passion with a promise that the future of men affected by any form of abuse or assault will be forever changed.



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