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Jasmin Newman

As a child who carried the scars of physical, sexual and emotional trauma into her adult life Jasmin had a life long pursuit to finding internal peace and happiness. After many years of seeking answers through various counselling models, she came to the ultimate realisation that she alone had the power to heal from within.


Jasmin brings great compassion to her work as a Sex and Relationships Coach who specialises in helping men who are struggling to create deeper, richer and more intimate connections.


She inspires men to reclaim their sense of self, through an identification system that empowers them to live a life true to their core values and beliefs. She gives men the tools necessary to navigate their future direction free of judgment and criticism and into a place of growth and acceptance.


Jasmin’s easy going and disarming nature inspires men to create conversations normally considered taboo. She blends her study in neuroscience and behavioural science, with a straight talking approach to sexuality. She makes the hard things effortless and willingly shares her expertise with rawness, courage and honesty.


She is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and & Presenter. She is a regular blog writer for her 1000’s of fans and subscribers.

You can download The Real Man Project Book here by visiting her website



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