Mat Bryan
Mat Bryan

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibran

How can a Man be sexually abused at the age of 43? He will answer that part later.

Mat used to wallow in his past like it was a safe and comfortable pile of ooze and mud that was just for his enjoyment. Like this was his own personal chunk of Carbonite in which he was frozen. Keeping him safe from the outside; we all know better than that, but how often do we not want to see what was outside of that “safe existence”.

“Why wouldn’t we desire to remove the pain from our past?” He will show you why, he will also show you the other side of that we were afraid of.

Mat had to experience his first sexual abuse at the age of 43. How was that his first experience with sexual abuse? Although he only remembers the painful parts of his childhood, he did not remember any of the very beginning. That was safely tucked away for a time when he was prepared to handle working through the reality. Many people told Mat that how was he sure that it actually happened to him. How does he know that his mind was not making it all up?

“It was a gut feeling.” That was all that he could say about it.

The pain of hidden memories can have a powerful effect on someone who has spent most of his life recovering from his past trauma. The healing process had been laid down by this point, so it had only taken him 2 weeks to push through this most elusive memory. It seemed to be the perfect time to handle it.

Zen Buddhism seemed to be an instinctual choice for him and that choice has directed much of his healing process; it speaks of the direct link between the emotional pain and physical activity. Mat’s deeply seated calm directly influences the calm of people around him. His calculated use of words engages the mind, the body and the spirit to act in towards a common goal; to each create our own version of calm acceptance and expressive gratitude for life and the beauty of a world we that we alone can influence. He understands that this sounds like it is some screwy, “new-age”, hippy mumbo-jumbo. In fact he would have said and felt the same exact thing 15 years ago.

Mat feels that we are all capable of experiencing a life that may not be the exact same as the life which imagined as a child, but it is definitely better than what we are suffering through. What is so wrong with an idea where we could all find pleasure in the simple things… like climbing a tree, making blanket forts and playing the “Lava” game?

Every step in his life has brought him to this point. Whether it was framing houses, cooking in a kitchen, wandering through unemployment, training clients to help tone and lose weight or even managing a successful business did not matter. We have all felt the pull to do the right thing for others; to pay our dues, but when do we get to focus on ourselves so that we may be able to stand tall without sacrificing our health?

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu (600 BC-531 BC)

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