The greatest difficulty we face in this project is reaching the men who so desperately need our help. We are working tirelessly (well, almost) to make sure that each man that needs us, knows about our services.

Many of the men we need to reach are in low socio economic areas and are unable to pay their way to our already moderately priced workshops. To that end, we are seeking sponsors from those that are able to contribute that go directly to paying a person’s attendance fees, that might not otherwise be able to contribute.

If you feel this is something you can do, we would be honoured if you would join our contribution campaign on the following link.

For every $395 raised, one person will attend from your contributions.

That is our promise to you.

We have only until the 6th December to reach our goal of 20 people.

Of course, we appreciate that not every one CAN contribute financially, so we ask if this message speaks to you in any way, that you could click on the link below and share this page on your social media sites as a worthy cause.

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