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What do Zen and Plumbing Issues have to do with Healing?


I LOVE how my mind tosses together common daily problems with some of life’s grander schemes and conditioned responses; creating modern day metaphors from modern day experiences. Just like there is a thread connecting us with each other, there are common threads between all experiences no matter if they are big of small.

We have been working on getting 2 working showers in the house. Both of the showers have either been or have a history of leaking, one of which had not been used for about 5 to 7 years.

What do you take on first?

Is it all worth fixing?

What is the worst possible outcome if nothing is done?

What would life be if everything was working properly?

Is it too late to fix it?

Considering that it is a plumbing issue… this is a no-brainer issue we are facing. So one answer has been decided, Yes it needs to be fixed, if it is not fixed the issue WILL become a mountain of an issue. If we do not deal with the issue rotting wood, mold and mildew will spread through the hose and it will have to be torn down… or it will fall apart from the inside out.

When they are both repaired, it may cost a bit more than doing nothing or taking it all for granted, but have you priced what it costs for a new house? It is much more cost effective to fix the house that we live in than to ignore it or replace it with a better house. That would be awesome if we all could afford to build a new house, but honestly, if we could afford it is it worth the trouble?

As far as what was needed to be fixed first… anything would be better than nothing. So we start with replacing the valves which have been gummed up with iron deposits and other bunk for year. It is difficult to keep rust off of anything when you have well water.

The valves and copper pipes have been replaced and one of the showers still leaks. Now, considering the fact that I replaced the drain on that tub about 8 years ago, the problem would not be the drain. I recently had the shower running in the bathrooms which was not used often, in the last week in an effort to test for leaks. We did not see any leaks during the whole time the shower was running. This morning I took a shower and we discovered a leak… somewhere and only after the repairs were made.

So, where do we go from here?

We go back to the drawing board and check to see if the solution was done properly. It all seems well and good, until I turn the shower on in that bathroom, when I do that water starts to drip after a few minutes.

Do you see where I am going here?

These actions and experiences would mimic the same experiences we would have after making choices that we all have to make during our lifetimes regarding relationships, our own journey or anything else we may come across. Primarily this is best managed on the house where we live first off. It does help our house when we look to help others fix their house. It will not even help if we put Band-Aids on our house and hope that they will stay in place and repair the damage.

As every Personal Trainer will tell you there are kinetic chains in the body and when one of them becomes weak it will affect all of the other areas of our physical state. The further we ignore the problem the more damage it will create and potentially the more people it could hurt. The same goes for our minds, emotions and spirit… each of them have a kinetic chain. When there is weakness in one section it will affect the entirety.

What am I saying with this long and drawn out metaphor for life?

I am saying do not look for just anyone to fix your house. Make sure that person who you are looking to hire to get your house in perfect working order has experience repairing all of the things you are looking to fix. You would not hire an Architect to fix your leaky sink as much as you would hire a PhD. to repair your health… unless you know for a fact they have walked the walk behind the talk that they talk.

I am not saying that you cannot fix your house yourself, but take it from me… a guy who chose to gut rehab his house in an effort to repair it… that is a long and painful road. Just so you all know, the only time it is too late to fix the house… is when the house has crumbled into a heap at your feet… but that is where the metaphor ends. We can rebuild a house… we may never be capable of resurrection.

Zen, Plumbing and Healing

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