Hurt To Healing was founded from The Story Of 3 Brave Men who decided to speak out publicly against the sexual, physical and emotional abuse they had experienced throughout their lives.

These stories will make you question what you think about sexual assault and abuse.

Or maybe these stories won’t surprise you at all, because maybe these stories are a lot like the story of your life.

Maybe you are tired of feeling so….

On Edge

Men who have survived abuse, especially sexual abuse, like the men in these stories, often battle those feelings. If you’re tired of the battle you aren’t alone. You’re in good company, and there are far too many men who feel the way you do.

You probably have experienced a loss of connection to family and friends, and you may feel alienated from the world. You might despair; even consider whether or not your life is worth living. Your emotions may have you on a roller-coaster – from feeling defenseless and terrified one moment to being full of rage against yourself and everyone else the next.

If you you’re like many of the men we talk to, and work with, you’re asking the same questions we asked while navigating our own freedom from a history of abuse and victimhood.

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